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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 10, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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hello. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm rick fulbaum. >> i'm arthel neville. we go live to kansas. >> the aloha state seeing weather normally reserved for tornado alley here on the mainland. the latest on the freak storm in paradise. >> and get ready, we have some of the highest rated cars on
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the market courtesy of consumer reports, of course. don't want to miss that one. we begin with an overwhelming victory for republican presidential candidate rick santorum. the gop hopeful obviously striking a chord with conservative voters in kansas winning today caucuses with a majority of the votes. santorum now walking away with the largest share of the state's 40 delegates, getting a significant boost to his claim as the next republican nominee for president. alicia acuna is live in wichita. he talked to fox news about his showing in kansas. what did he have to say? >> hi, rick, yes, he did. actually in our conversation he took that opportunity to go after his opponents mitt romney and newt gingrich for skipping campaigning in kansas and deciding to move on to the southern states of mississippi and alabama for their primaries on tuesday. take a listen. >> it is sort of a joke that they are out there saying rick is not conservative on this and this when everybody knows that
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we are the strongest most principled conservative in this race and that all of these attacks are on minutia types of issues that are taken completely out of context and that didn't sell over here in the good people of kansas and that is why they abandoned ship and i think we will find it is not going to sell across this country. >> and santorum has now moved on to missouri. however, rick, there is a lot of weight being put on tuesday's southern primaries. back to you. >> mitt romney and newt gingrich putting a lot of energy into the southern states, right? >> it is really important really for the top three candidates to make a good decent showing in those states and if you listen to the way mitt romney is talking, it sounds like he is trying to lower expectations. he has even said in those races they are pretty much an away game for him as well as one of his staffers calling h him an underdog. the polling is all over the place. depending on the poll each of the top three have an advantage. gingrich is really counting on
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his southern roots in georgia to help carry him in alabama and mississippi. that is uncertain at this time but even romney's camp commented on gingrich's strength there and gingrich told a crowd in alabama that he has momentum but hasn't won yet and on the positive jobs number report that came out yesterday, he said this. >> the only reason unemployment is dropping is people are leaving the workforce and in fact if you those underemployed and dropped out, the real number is 19%. almost one out of every five americans. i want to pit unemployment and food stamps -- >> now, the folks in wyoming are also counting the delegates going for the candidates today from the caucuses there and right now you can see that mitt romney is leading in that count. there are 12 delegates up for grabs in wyoming. i should mention that romney's competitors say no matter how far ahead he is with the delegate count right now he is not unstoppable.
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back to you. >> looks like a beautiful day in wichita, kansas. thanks. here is where the candidates stand so far. as of this hour, mitt romney has a total of 441 delegates. rick santorum holding on to second be place with 214. newt gingrich in third with 107 delegates and ron paul rounds out with 46. remember, it takes 1,144 delegates to secure the nomination. and fox news is your number one source for all your election news. remember, for the latest in primary coverage just head over to fox news .com/politics and tomorrow "fox news sunday" host chris wallace sits down for a special one on one interview with republican presidential candidate newt gingrich. that is sunday bebeginning at 10:00 a.m. right here on the fox news channel. the man hunt for an armed man in washington state is over. police arresting a suspect who allegedly stabbed a judge and shot a sheriff's deputy with her own gun in a courthouse
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southwest of seattle. casey stegall following the story for us in los angeles. casey, what is the latest. >> the motive behind the attack is still not clear. the suspect, however, was arrested this a mother's home in olympia, washington, about 40 miles east of the crime scene itself. the attack happened yesterday in the small community of montesano about 90 miles southwest of seattle. 34 stevenknow why 34-year-old kravitz was at the courthouse in the first place. the incident did not happen inside a courtroom. the alter kateion taking place inside the main entrance of the building. eyewitnesses say he got into some kind of straggl struggle a sheriff's deputy and stabbed her with what is believed to be a pair of small scissors or small knife and then shot her
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in the shoulder. a judge saw what was going on and then he jumped in to help. >> there was a commotion in the hallway and came out to see what it was. he had a weapon in his hand, a knife or something and he was stabbing at her and that is what i got stabbed with. >> the suspect managed to wrestle the deputy's gun from her hands and then fled the scene. police say that they have recovered that .45 caliber handgun when they made the arrest. judge david edwards and deputy polydavin were both treated and released from the hospital. fortunately, no serious injuries. ironically the safety at that very courthouse was called into question prior to yesterday's incident because of budget cuts, no metal detectors were installed there, something that is common as we know at courthouses around the country. it is unclear if the incident will cause the county to take closer look at more safety measures at that location. >> i bet it will.
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casey stegall thank you very much for that report. today we are learning the name of the man that police say opened fire at a psychiatric hospital in pittsburgh. john schick shot and killed a therapist and injured seven others. it happened at the western psychiatric institute and clinic. it is part of the pittsburgh university medical center. at first police thought there were two gunmen on the loose. the victim is identified as michael shab wh whose family ss he worked there and worked with the elderly. in syria, reports of assaults on government troops by several rebel controlled areas this as kofi annan meets with president assad to try to broker some kind of peaceful end to the new year-long uprising. doug with more on this story. >> former u.n. secretary
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general kofi annan put several peace proposals on the table during meetings today with president assad and expressed grave concern over the crackdown on protests and called for access to humanitarian aid in syria. the seria syrian president saiy dialogue would fail as long as so called arme arm an archy grs are in the country. reports of rape, torture and shelling of innocents by assad's forces continue to filter in from areas where there are few western reporters. the obama administration continues to stop short of military aid. >> the president feels we should continue the international pressure against syria because we think that it is having a significant impact
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on assad and weakening his regime and that that is the way to go. >> some in congress are applauding the administration's efforts but you others including senator john mccain say it is insufficient. >> providing military assistance to the free syrian army and other opposition groups is necessary but at this late hour that alone will not be sufficient to stop the slaughter and save innocent lives. the only realistic way to do so is with foreign air power. >> earlier today, u.n. envoy kofi annan met with russian foreign minister in cairo egypt. to anyhas stood opposed to any military involvement and says it would be a violation of law. >> a violent couple of days in the middle east. israel and palestinian militants trading air strikes
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and rocket fire in gaza for the second day in a row. israel says it is retaliation for almost 100 rocket attacks in the last two days and there are reports the strikes have killed at least 15 people and wounded 22 more. egypt is actively trying to mediate a cease fire. the u.n. is also condemning the violence. turning to iran now. the head of the u.n. nuclear watch dog not ruling out that iran may be pulling a fast one by covering up potential traces of nuclear testing. world powers are demanding full access for inspection of nuclear sites especially this one right here. new satellite images show trucks and bulldozers at the site suggesting efforts by iran to clean up the area and remove any traces of radio activity before inspectors arrive. >> and new developments today in afghanistan. five taliban prisoners under u.s. control at guantanamo bay agreeing to be transferred. this according to senior officials in afghanistan. meantime, the u.s. has not
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publicly agreed to the transfer. the five prisoners would be moved to qatar in the persian gulf. the transfer is seen as an incentive to bring the taliban to the peace talk table. a growing controversy over a police program to uncover potential terrorist activities in and around new york city. the nypd conducting secret surveillance of the muslim community hoping to identify potential hot spots of terrorist activity. now, officials in new york and new jersey in dispute over the extent of knowledge about the operation. anna is live with the latest. hi, anna. >> critics are are now saying the sneak. >> nature of the nypd surveillance may discourage contact -- them from contacting law enforcement when they hear of potential security issues. groups representing over 65 muslim organizations have asked for are the money toring to stop. some protest evers believe law
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enforcement is andty islam. the 2007 surveillance reportedly involved photographing mosques and eves dropping on muslim businesses. democratic senator menendez is asking the justice department for an investigation. >> at the end of the day if the nypd wants to protect the citizens of new york city and i respect that but even the recognition of a great law enforcement department doesn't give them carte blanche. >> the new york commissioner met with muslim leaders twice this week and insists his department did not break any laws. kelly says the police intelligence gathering is essential to fight terrorists after muslim extremists attacked on 9/11. new york mayor michael bloomberg backs it but says it as fine line to walk. >> take every precaution possible to not do anything that ever violates the law. you just got to be very careful not to take away the rights
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that we are trying to protect. >> and new york police director samuel demayo who was not in charge at the time says two newark officers did accompany new york officers for a couple of days during the 2007 secret surveillance but were never briefed on specifics of the antiterrorism investigation. demayo also disputed reports that his department received a copy of the report on newark's muslims. >> thank you very much. let's talk about the weather now and a waterspout jumping on shore in hawaii turning into a tornado. take a a look at this. it almost flattened several homes. this whole thing happening so fast that residents said they didn't even know what was happening. >> just heard that whoop and the big whoosh and it was gone in a matter of seconds. >> came like a hurricane and blew for five, ten minutes and then reversed across.
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and during that time we had this loud noises and which i think was the roof flying over. >> meteorologist marina molina is live in the fox extreme weather center with more on this. >> good to see you and very unusual to see a tornado in hawaii. not typical on average. about one a year over hawaii. another big problem we had to deal with this past week across hawaii is a lot of rain. take a look at the rainfall totals. a total during the span of 7 days ending yesterday. almost 46 inches of rain over the island of kaued ai. a lot of rain out there. fortunate le the storm system that brought the tornado and the heavy rainfall has started to exit the region. you will have some lingering showers out there. so that will be a little bit of a concern but the other big problem is the high surf and also the wind. we are look at easterly winds gusting up to 30 to 50 miles per hour through tonight and the rough sur of that could raise water up to 10 feet. of course, be careful and another issue is strong rip currents once you get a lot of
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wind out there and rough surf. if you ervaycationing out here keep this in mind that could be dang ruts. if you get caught in a rip crept you are not supposed to swim towards the shore. swim along it until you get out of the rip current. just a little fact there for you in case that does happen to you. across the lower 48 one storm across the pacific northwest and another across the south bringing in area of heavy rain across oklahoma and dallas, texas, and into portions of austin. austin you are clearing out right now as the batch has now exited the region. this storm system is going to slowly track towards the north and east. continue to see the rain around the region in texas. also up into parts of arkansas. through the start of the workweek on monday. generally speaking two to three inches of rain along this corridor shaded in yellow. lighter amounts possibly and locally higher amounts possible. watch out for flash flooding. aside from the heavy rain some of the activity in the form of
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heavy rain. large hail, damaging begin gusts and isolated tornadoes possible the state of arkansas, northern louisiana and also northeastern, texas. of course, we live in the zone -- if you live in the zone stay alert as we head into tomorrow if any warnings are are issued for your area. temperature wise a shift into tomorrow for some area of the country including us in the northeast. while today was a cool day out here. we will be seeing some of the warmer air across the midwest pushing eastward and we will be enjoying nice weather as we head into sunday. here in new york city could see a high tomorrow at 60 degrees and some of that nice weather will continue in place as well for parts of the rest of the northeast. down into the carolinas in the mid sick. 67 the high in rapid city 62 minneapolis. rick, a taste of spring a little early. >> we are ready for this. thanks. we are ready for spring because you know what that means. longer days. the beginning of daylight saving time at 2:00 a.m. turn
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your clocks forward one hour in most parts of the country which means you will lose an hour of sleep but probably a good idea to do it before you go to sleep because tomorrow you wake up and you are late for church, brunch or whatever you do on sunday. >> change the batteries in your smoke detectors so you make sure you have fresh ones this there while you are changing the clocks. prince harry showing off his royal moves. wowing a crowd of supporters in brazil with his samba skills. look at him good. not bad for a prince. mitt romney doing his best to win over southern voters. but is' don'ting a southern accent and talking about how much he loves grits really the best way to drum up support? we'll debate it fair and balanced. that straight ahead.
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well, a lot of politics on this saturday. let's get you caught up on the headlines. rick santorum picking up at least 32 of the 40 delegates in today's kansas caucuses. he received more than 50% of the vote with mitt romney many coming in second followed by newt gingrich and ron paul. overseas, afghan officials say
3:22 pm
five taliban prisoners at guantanamo bay agreed to be transferred to gatr. britain's prince harry visiting rio de janeiro. he showed off his rugby and volleyball skills. it is no see vet that republican presidential candidate mitt romney was born and bred in the north. served as governor of massachusetts and grew up mckinley, michigan. at a recent rally in jackson, mississippi, he did his best to appeal to southern voters. take a listen. >> morning y'all. good to be with you. i got to started right this morning with a biscuit and cheesy grits. i tell you, delicious. >> cal thomas. really? a syndicated columnist.
3:23 pm
kirsten powers is joining us as well. a columnist for the daily beast. both fox news contributors. i'm from the south in case you didn't know it. are you kidding me? is this conscious on the part of mitt romney. it is always a big mistake when anybody tries to relate. who is advising him? >> you can't condescend, arthel. romney shouldn't apologize for being wealthy and successful. his message should be look, i got a big piece of the american pie and the american dream and you can, too. last week he was in tennessee trying to identify with people from tennessee by singing a song from an old show about davey crockett who was from tennessee. the problem is that show was on 55 years ago on television and it it was in black and white. the least he could do is pick a song that is in color, come on! >> exactly. meantime, rick santorum saying hey guys, listen i'm the only real deal, the person you can really trust in terms of the
3:24 pm
gop candidate. this i would imagine drives that point home. >> well, it does. but people are looking for honest politicians. i know that may be a lot adiction in terms to loot people. >> it is an oxymoron. >> that is the big word i was looking for. thank you for helping me. they think that president obama is an elitist and talks down to people and that he thinks he is better than other people. >> who thinks that, cal? >> the republicans do and they are looking for somebody who is transparent and genuine. i don't think again that mitt romney ought to apologize for his wealth. he ought to be touring the south finding heros in mississippi, heros in alabama, people that he can feature up on stage with him. people that used to be poor, used to be without work, used to struggle and now have a small business and are successful and praising them and their success. it is obama who is trying to divide the country along race and class and envy and greed. >> you are slipping stuff in there. i don't know what you are
3:25 pm
talking about. what did you say? >> i said it is the president of the united states campaigning on envy and greed and division by class and race and religion. how so? tell me. >> you just had the segment on a few moments ago with anthony dolan the head of the catholic church in new york city and the big battle going on between h him and the administration over the contraceptive business. a meeting a few days ago at the white house and the white house minuteons were saying you ought to list tonight liberal catholics and not all this doctrine stuff coming out of the vatican. if romney wants to unite he needs not to condescend the people in the south or other people but to lift them up to be part of america. not regionism and not division but a united states of america. >> we do need to be the united states of america, indeed. sir, ten, therkirsten, with me. >> i had to listen to all this and i couldn't respond.
3:26 pm
>> and i bet -- go ahead. >> i ran just to the end, obama is not campaigning on envy and greed, cal, you know that perfectly well. >> no, i don't. >> that the idea that, you know, that this is some sort of class war fare issue that he is doing. he is actually just talking about trying to have a fair treatment of everybody, having a reasonable tax rate where the middle class doesn't -- has a reasonable tax rate and you aren't letting the rich people get off scott free, all of cal's friends. >> please, the rich people aren't getting off scott free. they pay most of the taxes. you are drinking the democratic kool-aid again, come on! >> kirsten, if you are advising governor romney what would you say to him at this point. you can't go to the south and speak in a southern drawl and calling that your relatability factor.
3:27 pm
we know he is a successful businessman as cal pointed out earlier that the governor has a major piece of the american pie. maybe he focuses and say here you are mainly working class people here is how i can help you become successful. >> i think, look, the merit with mitt romney, of course, is that he is phoney and sort of a flip flopper and you don't really know what he stands for and that is not my narrative. you never want to feed into the negative narrative which is what he is doing when is doing the y'all thing trying to be one of the people. that is not his strong selling point. he has to focus on being who he actually is which is a businessman and focus on the economy which is the most important issue right now for everybody. and say what he would do differently and how he would get the economy really booming. i mean that is what i would tell him to do and stay away from trying to be something that he is not because people are already suspicious of him.
3:28 pm
>> and cal, whether they are saying that the governor is disingenuous, not conservative enough, at the end of the day will he be the gop candidate? >> well, he has a lead now by more than two to one according to the latest count and the map favors him as karl rove has pointed out numerous times. i think kirsten is absolutely right. be who you are. you can't be somebody else. if you come off as phone. the voters will detect it. he shouldn't apologize for who he is or his success. get out there and champion success as the great goal, not envy, not spread the wealth around. here is a recipe that you can make your own pie in america. >> that sounds good. kirsten, i will give you the last word sense you came in late. >> i'm glad that cal and i were able to agree on something. being phoney is definitely bad and he has to try to focus on his strengths and i think one issue for him is, of course, that the economy is turning
3:29 pm
around to makes his message a little harder but has to find where he can say what he would do differently and convince people that he can handle the economy better than obama. >> we leave it there. by the way, the three of us we'll say happy birthday to governor romney. his birthday is monday. he is turning 65. >> he doesn't look it. >> happy birthday. >> cal thomas, you didn't seem overly excite excited about th. come on, a birthday is always a time to sel celebrate. >> a programming note for you. tomorrow "fox news sunday" host chris wallace sits down for a special one on one interview with republican presidential candidate newt gingrich and we want to be clear on the time so here it is. check your local listings for the time in your area. that is going to be on fox or catch as shep calls it the big fox or catch it on fox news channel at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern time. >> well, speaking of the economy.
3:30 pm
and kirsten just mentioned this. new signs that the economy may be taking a turn for the positive. manufacturing now on the upswing and even the unemployment rate seeing a drop. the white house is touting its own economic policies but isose that the real reason? we'll discuss. ars. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! bayer aspirin... ohh, no no no. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my head. this is made for pain. [ male announcer ] bayer advanced aspirin enters the bloodstream fast, and rushes extra strength relief to the sight of your pain. feel better? yeah...thanks for the tip!
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it is the bottom of the hour. time for our top story. rick santorum picking up at least 32 of the 40 delegates in today's kansas caucuses. he received more than 50% of the vote with mitt romney coming in second followed by newt gingrich and ron paul. meanwhile in wyoming, results are still coming in with romney currently with a strong lead at this hour. president obama's policies have not helped our economy.
3:35 pm
as a matter of fact, his policies have made our economy worse. it is pretty clear to the american people that these policies are not working. and when you look at this election that is coming up it is pretty clear it is going to be a referendum on the president's policies regarding our economy. >> well, that was house speaker john boehner of course, back in january and since he gave that speech the economy has begun to pick up a little steam with the manufacturing sector leading the way. the unemployment rate dropped almost a whole percentage point since last august and even with the sluggish recovery businesses are starting to hire again but is that because of the president's policies or as republicans contend in spite of them? susan estrich is a professor of law and political science at the university of southern, california. always good to talk to you. >> good to talk to you, rick. >> republicans would say all of this is happening in spite of what the president has done.
3:36 pm
if fact, he is standing in the way of what could and should be an even stronger recovery. what do you say? >> look, the key con mists can dewait that -- the econ can debate that until they are blue in the face. if the economy stank they would say the guy in charge is the guy in charge and the buck stops there. it is hard for mitt romney to turn and and say if things are bad it is his fault but if things are good he has nothing to do with it. it just doesn't fly. >> they say the healthcare law which creates uncertainty for employers, the out of control deficit spending which is a problem that blankets the entire overall economic pictures. the regulations imposed on businesses that prevent them from really being able to invest and profit off of what it is that they are trying to do that all of these things that the president and his administration have put in place are really hurting the very people who create jobs in
3:37 pm
this country. what about that as a political argument. >> gloom and doom republicans. >> right. >> i remember back in -- it is gloom and doom. i remember back in 1984. we were coming out of a recession. of course, there were a lot of folks who said and later as omb director, regan's policies have nothing to do with it. it as matter of fact, the deficit is mushrooming and we made all this terrible cuts that are going to hurt us in the fewure and mondale went out there and said you may think things are good but actually the president's policies are terrible and going to bring disaster and they called us gloom and doom democrats and to some extent they were right. that is the challenge. it is between optimism and pessimism, optimism always works. if people are feeling like the economy is getting better, hope is on the rise, we are moving in the right direction, for romney to come out and say oh, no, it is much worse than you think makes him the bearer of
3:38 pm
gloom and doom. >> and for the president, though, he can't count on the trends continuing. there are economists out there who expect that the unemployment rate might tick up a little bit over the next couple of months. he can't put all of his eggs in this basket of things looking like they are improving slightly when it comes to the economy, can he? >> they are improving some what but there is another basket out there. this election is about two things. one is the bread and butter jobs issue but the other is how badly are the republicans going to destroy themselves and each other by the time they finish flogging this out by the end of august. i think mitt romney who i still say is the republican nominee is getting battered out there and the fact that it is idealogiccal war fare means that it could continue right through the convention. >> you heard the argument this will make him or whoever wins
3:39 pm
the nomination a stronger candidate in november and he will have had toence at questions and deal with the issues and a lot of this stuff old news and he will be able to go after the president on the things that we mentioned at the top? >> i think that is kool-aid, rick. think that was true in the case of obama and hillary because there was no idealogiccal divide. two candidates. some people liked one and some people liked the other but the base of the party was not divided. this looks more to me like 1980 where you had a real idealogiccal battle within the party where people divided not only in terms of who they supported but what they believed in and where the hits romney is taking right now are hits that go directly to his character, his competence, whether he is part of the elite, whether he understands the problems of people like us. i think romney has, frankly, shrunk in this campaign as opposed to obama who, frankly, got big. interesting analysis as always from susan estrich.
3:40 pm
thank you so much. you can read susan's syndicated column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. >> very good. a leading civil rights group is urging african americans to fight against discrimination at the polls. what they say is preventing some minorities from exercising their right to vote.dnht glutt, that's coming up. goodnight, stuffy. goodnight, outdated. goodnight old luxury and all of your wares. goodnight bygones everywhere. [ engine turns over ] good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. good morning unequaled inspirio [ male announcer ] the audi a8, chosen by car & driver as the best luxury sedan in a recent comparison test. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition.
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a leading civil rights group is now urging all african americans to get out the vote. the national urban league making the announcement as part of its annual state of black america report. the group saying it is trying to shed light on a string of new voting laws that they claim discriminate against minorities. mark moriel is the president and ceo of the national urban league. good to have you. >> good to be with you. >> i saw your town hall from howard university. energetic and kicked off the occupy the vote to educate employ and empower campaign.
3:45 pm
one of the words that you mentioned or phrases that you used is there is a voting rights assault. is this a hig hyperbole assaul. >> i want to underscore and emphasize and illuminate avalanche of new laws in some 34 states that have been proposed to make it more difficult for people to vote. voter i.d. laws. cutbacks on early votings. voting different requirements of nonprofit groups want to conduct voter registration drives. we asked the question why and why now. >> and so if in fact this is an assault on the black vote, so i ask you why and why not? and pardon me but who are the perpetrators and what would they gain? >> let me say this. i think it is not just black voters. i think this is something that all voters should be concerned about because there was a case in ohio during the ohio republican primary of a u.s. army veteran world war ii
3:46 pm
veteran who presented his army veteran's i.d. card to vote and was turned away because that i.d. didn't meet the requirements of "the new ohio law." so this may affect african americans in a very special way but older voters, and younger voters could be unfortunately impacted by the avalanche of new laws. who might benefit? i'm not going to begin to cast aspersions except to say i don't think the introduction of all of the laws is coincidental or serendipitous. there are forces who believe that fewer people who vote may be better for the outcome of the election. >> strong implication so you are not going to say who you think might be behind it? >> i want people to focus on the laws and the timing and most importantly the effort
3:47 pm
that we have underway in wisconsin a circuit court judge issued an injunction against the wisconsin law. south carolina, the attorney general blocked implementation. in maine,s overturned. efforts underway in many states to push back against this. what i would say to people is learn what the rules are in your state. become an educated voter. that is very important that people understand that there are changing rules out there. >> and you are posting the rules on your website, right? >> at the occupy the vote election center that people can get to by going to iamempowered .com. we want to promote the public service by providing where people can get information about voting laws in their state. >> i understand that let's say if you are woman and you get married, suddenly your i.d. doesn't match the whole voter registration or move and vote
3:48 pm
in one primary and move and your address doesn't match up. i get that. but i want you to explain to me why does it seem that it is difficult for minorities, african americans to get voter registration i.d. cards? >> what you are talking about is the customary form of i.d. that people think of is a driver's license. if you do not drive you don't have a driver's license. a young voter or someone who doesn't own a car or an older voter. you are not issued a photo i.d. when registered to vote. this is someone that people will procure such as a driver's license. historically states allowed a wide range of identification laws. the new laws restrict this. texas case in point. a student i.d. issued by the state of texas is not sufficient if it doesn't have your address ton yet a gun
3:49 pm
permit i.d. is. again, people should understand this is a changing set of rules just before a major election. >> i would love to talk to you more. i know you guys are doing a lot over there at the urban league. can we get you back on? >> we will come back on any time. again, go to iamempowered .com and the occupy the vote election center. >> all right. good to see you, thank you very much. >> okay. where do we go now? is rick outside -- don't you look dapper in that ride? >> want to go for a ride? a new set of wheels. a brand new 2012 mustang gt. one of the top rated new cars on the market according to consumer reports. we will take a closer look at this baby and get some of the other new cars that consumer reports says are the best. don't go away. we'll be right back. [ kyle ] my bad.
3:50 pm
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welcome back. choosing a new car that is right for you you can be a welcome back choosing a new car right decision. than 250 cars and trucks, rick,
3:54 pm
and chose a select few as the topics. >> rick paul is here. the auto editor at consumer reports. and we are happy you joined us and thanks for bringing the beautiful mustang which we will talk about in a minute. how do you pick? so many cars to choose from. >> the top cars in ten categories and that meet three criteria. have to do well in your testing. average or better reliability and have to do well in independent crash tests. makes them well rounded cars. don't excel in one area and foul dawn in another. top family sedan. >> the toyota camry hybrid. 38 miles per gallon for this mid sized car. that is better than a lot of sub compacts. >> good looking, too. >> affordable sedan. >> the hyundai is sonata. the four cylinder model gives you a lot for the money.
3:55 pm
gets 27 miles per gallon. >> i like the hyundais. >> the green car. >> the toyota prius and that is because it provides the best combination of practicallallity and efficiency. electric cars get a higher mpg equivalent but this is the most practical. >> the prius has been popular for a couple of years. >> 44 mpg. best of any nonplug-in car we test. >> now, to this baby. >> i locked us out. >> hang on. >> a mustang. >> this is our top sporty car and it is the mustang gt convertible here. >> let you open the door a bit. >> the mustang has always been an iconic american car and sports car and this is no slouch. 420-horsepower. scorching acceleration but a well rounded car as well. agile handling. a good ride. comfortable seats. not only a great sports car but
3:56 pm
lass good every day driver. >> if i had had one of these in high school. >> what would happen? >> i don't know. would have been fun. i don't know that i would buy this color. they do come in other colors. >> i would go for red myself. >> or black, right. >> how much is this one? >> the convertible that we tested that is expensive, about $44,000 but they go down into the 20s for less -- for other models. >> all right. rick. >> we need a couple of more degrees on the thermometer and then put the top down and take this out for a spin. >> let's go, me and you. >> rick, thanks very much. >> have fun tonight. >> thank you very much. i will have her home by 10:30. >> thank you. hear that, mom? >> we are leaving but stick around bus harris faulkner isae up next with "the fox report."d captioned by closed captioning services, inc. developing smaller portion sizes
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